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Teragren Drop Notice

Teragren has decided to discontinue a number of products. The current line-up of SKU’s has 28 items; Teragren is dropping 14 of those items. Displaying Teragren dealers likely have 2 towers currently, each holding 14 SKU’s; the program will now only require one tower of 14 samples.

The adjustments that Teragren has made have narrowed the field of SKU’s quite a bit, and should help with potential lead time issues in the future. Additionally, Synergy Wide Plank Chestnut and Wheat are out of stock until 2021. When SWP does arrive into stock, it will no longer be a click product, and will have a plywood core. SWP will be a Tongue and Groove engineered product going forward.

Please see to it that your Teragren display program is adjusted to the 14 SKU format as soon as possible. Please also review the attached file for a complete list of what is being dropped and what is still a valid product.

As always, your business is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to future Teragren business with your store.

Teragren Drop Notice
Download PDF • 295KB

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