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Lauzon's New EXPERT Program for Solid and Engineered.

Quick Hits...

- Lauzon now has an EXPERT program with the same stains and finishes across the 3/4" engineered and solid platforms. A simpler program with new colors.

- The program comes in a two-tower display from NRF, and can be ordered now.

- The new program replaces all other Essential Expert Products and displays.

- The new program is also designed to update all Next Step display towers into two-tower EXPERT programs.

Lauzon is re-introducing the EXPERT program as a companion solid & engineered program. EXPERT will now have Red Oak and Hard Maple featured in 3/4" for engineered and solid. All Maple and Red Oak products will be available cross-platform in 3/4" Engineered and 3/4" Solid.

Beyond just offering the same stains in solid and engineered, Lauzon is also introducing a new finish for the EXPERT program known as Alumina. The new finish will come in both the engineered and solid products. There's an excerpt below directly from Lauzon's new Expert Website regarding the Alumina Finish

NRF has already developed a new display for the new EXPERT program. Pictured below is NRF's New EXPERT display, as well as an example product label. This two tower display features all of the traditional Red Oak and Hard Maple visuals available in the new EXPERT line. Whether the consumer requires engineered or solid, this display will offer a full array of constructions and visuals.

Also in the display are boards showing NRF's stocking Next Step colors in Hard Maple, Red Oak, and Hickory. This 7/16" engineered program is available exclusively through NRF in a semi-gloss visual. If you have a Lauzon Next Step Display in your store, the new EXPERT Display is designed to be an update to that program. Call your NRF Hardwood Salesman right away to order the above display as an update to your Next Step Display.

This new EXPERT program will be a fixture going forward for Lauzon. To be a complete Lauzon Displaying Dealer, this program is a must have.

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