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Dropped Lauzon Products at NRF

Effective immediately, the below Lauzon Next Step Engineered products are discontinued at NRF, and no longer stocking. Once the available inventory at NRF is gone, the below colors will be unavailable in the 7/16” Next Step platform.

- Red Oak Chocolate 3 ¼” and 5 3/16”

- Maple Cape Cod 3 ¼” and 5 3/16”

- Maple Café Au Lait 3 ¼” and 5 3/16”

- Hickory Urban Legend 3 ¼” and 5 3/16”

The Stocking Next Step program will continue on as an extension of the new Lauzon EXPERT program. For more information regarding Lauzon’s EXPERT program, and the new display supporting it, please contact your NRF Hardwood Territory Manager. You can also read the blog post regarding Lauzon's EXPERT program here.

If you have a Stocking Next Step Tower in your store, there is an update designed specifically for your tower that will fully update the display into a two-tower EXPERT display. The EXPERT display will show the Next Step products, but also shows Lauzon’s new EXPERT program in ¾” Solid and Engineered.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Lauzon and NRF.

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