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Regatta Product Introduction

Hallmark Floors is introducing a new series in 2020 called Regatta. Regatta falls into the "Waterproof Core" category of click hardwood flooring that has been recently hitting the market.

Hallmark markets the product as a "Spill Proof, Waterproof Core" floor that offers 360 degrees of protection from life's mishaps involving moisture; kids, pets, wet weather, and so on...

Regatta is a pad attached stone core with a Unilin Push Lock click system that has a real hardwood veneer on top. In this case Hallmark's Regatta collection has Hickory, White Oak, and Maple for top veneers. The veneers are a sliced cut hardwood. A brief video showing how to install the planks using Push Lock can be seen here.

Below is an example of the Regatta Profile. (7.5mm overall thickness)

Regatta is finished using Hallmark's TrueMark GlazeTek technology, but also adds an additional layer of Nanocontrol Antimicrobial for some added protection against micro-organisms. This feature is currently a standard on all Hallmark Waterproof Core products. The GlazeTek finish is recoatable with Hallmark's XYZ system, but the anti-microbial, Nanocontrol would dissipate after recoating.

Regatta is a 6" wide product that is 6' in length, so the installed look will be very close to Hallmark's Novella series. Regatta should pair very well with Novella as a floating floor option for moisture sensitive areas where Novella may not be the smartest choice given the environment. Hickory products from Regatta are not allowed over radiant heat, but Oak and Maple are allowed over Radiant systems, just like the Novella series.

Be on the lookout for Regatta displays and deckboards in the summer of 2020. Regatta Installation Instructions can be found here, if you would like to review them.

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