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DriTac Introduces a New Vapor Solution

Tired of rolling out paper before a hardwood installation? Looking for a vapor solution while using a rollout underlayment? Look no further as Sike/DriTac has the solution for you. Introducing MB EZ Rapid by Sika! (Sika is DriTac's parent company)

MB EZ Rapid is a one component rapid drying moisture retarder, adhesion promoter, and substrate consolidator. MB EZ is a urethane base that can be applied with a paint roller over plywood and concrete. Simply put, this single step application can be easily applied over a substate and be ready for installation from one-to-two hours after application, environment depending.

Where To Use...

- Concrete, Cement, Self-Levelers, Patches, and Gypsum Substrates

- OSB, Plywood, and Wood Subfloors (Including Advantech)

- Quarry and Terrazzo Tiles

- Water-resistant Adhesive and Cut Back Adhesive

MB EZ also has a perm rating that falls in line with NWFA standards for moisture control. If an installer has used Aqua Bar or HWD-15 in that past, MB EZ can be used in place of those paper options and still fall within NWFA standards.

This is increasingly important given that the NWFA installation standards often require a nail/glue assist installation. Those same installation standards also require a vapor retarder that performs much like Aqua Bar or HWD-15. MB EZ is a roll-on solution that cures in less than 2 hours and replaces the need for the paper.

MB EZ comes in a 2.5 gallon jug that pours very easily onto a floor. In optimal conditions one 2.5 gallon jug would cover 1,000' of subfloor, wood or cementious subfloor.

For more information, contact your NRF Hardwood Territory Manager. There are also two files below that can deliver more specifics on the MB EZ, which is in stock at NRF ready for immediate shipment.

MB EZ Rapid Fact Sheet
Download PDF • 678KB
MB EZ Rapid Data Sheet
Download PDF • 829KB

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