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Quick Step has discontinued some mainstays from the line.

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Effective immediately Quick Step has discontinued QS 700/Steps, Home, and Home with Sound. The only remaining non 12mm product in the line is now Classic.

Over the years, Mohawk has been slowly transitioning Quick Step away from entry level products. 700, Home, and Home with Sound were transitioned out of Quick Step displays about two years ago as a result of this strategy. So this notice should have very little impact on existing Quick Step displays.

There was a time when 7mm and 8mm laminate products were the most popular products in hard surface, entry-level flooring based on square foot volume. At the peak, Quick Step was producing 3 boards of the product per second, which equated to about a truckload every 45 minutes.

Quick Step's offering going forward now features, almost exclusively, products that are more in-tune with customer demands for increased protection from moisture wear and tear on flooring.

Reach out to your NRF Territory Manager for any additional information on Quick Step's product portfolio.

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