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NRF Stocks Universal Stair Treads

NRF stocks many of the most popular visuals in finished stair treads. Selling a corresponding stair case to accompany a new hardwood flooring installation is a great way to tie the floor to each level of a house, or multi-unit living situation.

NRF has made it easier by stocking many box treads for finishing that staircase, but in many cases NRF also stocks what is called a Universal Miter Tread to provide quick turnaround for single miter returns on stair cases.

Universal Miter Treads are a double miter tread that is stained and finished on both sides. The installer can flip the tread either way, cut one miter off, and have a mitered return for the exposed side of the stair for a left or right miter. (Universal Miter Tread Diagram Below)

NRF stocks these Universal Treads in Red Oak 3/4" and Red Oak 1" in unfinished and prefinished. NRF also carries 3/4" thick Universal Miter Treads in White Oak Natural, Hickory Natural, and Maple Natural. These same species and finishes are also carried in NRF's box tread program.

The combination of this Universal Miter Tread program and NRF's Box Tread stock makes for a very convenient bonus sale for the consumer. The next time that you need to coordinate a stair case to a floor, remember that NRF stocks finished stair parts for many floor that you sell every day.

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