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Shoreline by Hallmark Product Introduction.

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Hallmark has created a value based option in LVT, Shoreline 12mil click with pad. Shoreline is Hallmark's white box alternative to pricier click LVT options in the market currently. Reach out to your NRF Hardwood Division sales rep for further details on this now stocking product.

NRF will soon have strap sets and displays available for Shoreline. The SKU codes are below if you'd like to get in line for a sample.

Shoreline Strap Set - 6HMSHORELNSS

Shoreline Display - 6HMSHOREDSPC

The Shoreline spec sheet can be found here for your reference. Shoreline can also be viewed in the Waterproof products section of the NRF Hardwood Gallery.

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