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Hallmark Floors Cleaning and Maintenance

Hallmark Floors offers a specialized cleaning product for each of their finish types; today we will break down each regular maintenance product offered as well as how and when to use it!


These products are best purchased at a local Hallmark Floors retailer where instructions for proper maintenance can be explained; but are also available on Amazon for end user convenience. Amazon may seem less expensive for product, however with a $15-$20 shipping charge it makes more sense to buy local.


Hallmark’s cleaning products do not have a listed yield or spread rate. The guideline on these states that coverage is dependent upon how much product is used. A floor in an area with a lot of traffic and activity will require more maintenance and care than a floor that sees less traffic.

True Clean

This cleaner is designed for Hallmark’s TrueMark UV finish and is also recommended for use with the Teragren bamboo products as well as their full vinyl flooring line. This product is sprayed directly on the floor and is to be followed with a *DAMP* (not wet) mop head with a terry cloth covering.

NuOil Clean (Original and White)

The NuOil cleaner comes in 2 formulas; the original which can be used for any Hallmark NuOil product, and the NuOil White Cleaner which is designed especially for their lighter colored NuOil products; this formula helps to keep the white undertones in these floors bright.

Much like TrueClean this product is applied directly to the floor after sweeping or vacuuming with a brushless vacuum and is mopped away with a (damp, not wet) terry cloth mop.

NuOil ReNu

Hallmark’s ReNu product is not a daily maintenance product; and has no required usage schedule. This product is applied when the floor may seem dull or to have lost some of it’s original luster. It is applied to areas needing attention by spraying the product on the floor and then mopping it away with a terry cloth boot mop.

NuOil Restoration Oil (Original and White)

The Restoration Oil is for when the floor really needs some attention. It helps put the right type of moisture back into the floor to reduce dull looking finish spots, wear through, etc. This product also has no scheduled usage, it is recommended on an as needed basis. Some people never have to spot oil their floors, it’s all about the level of wear and tear.

Touch Up Kits

The final maintenance product we'll go over today are touch up kits. Hallmark does offer touch up kits for their hardwood products; and these can ONLY be purchased from a Hallmark retailer. The contents of these kits does vary from product to product but every kit will include at a minimum a stain marker, a finish pen and a fill stick. Products with higher variation may have multiples of the color and fill sticks. You can order these with Megan in the wood department and they'll arrive to you via UPS, or can even be sent right to your customer's home/job site.

There is some documentation linked to this post about what we've gone over; take some time to look it over and make sure we're providing the best maintenance and care instructions to our end users! NRF is here to help!

NuOil - Hallmark Maintenance Warranty
Download PDF • 1.78MB

NuOil Cleaners Product Handout 2021
Download PDF • 1.45MB

TrueClean - Urethane & Vinyl Floors
Download PDF • 190KB

Download PDF • 2.30MB

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