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Farm House Hickory Products from NRF are now Discontinued.

Effective immediately Farm House Mixed-Width Hickory products are discontinued from NRF's Hardwood Division. Farm House products were commonly shown in the Revere and Passport Collections. The colors and SKU's are listed below. Salvaged Natural - 7ALFF345SH01 French Fawn - 7ALFF345SH02 Reclaimed Ecru - 7ALFF345SH07 Weathered Slate - 7ALFF345SH08 There is still some stock at NRF, but once it's gone, there will be no additional product available. Please remove these products from your displays when able. Updates to the displays will be available later this summer for the display. For more options in solid, handscraped Hickory, please see Hallmark's Crestline series of products, which are available regularly from NRF. (images below)

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