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BSL moves away from Character Grade Maple and into a new Horizon Grade

BSL is discontinuing Character Grade Maple. This series was displayed only in the Stocking Nano program.

Natural, Bombay, Sierra, Matapedia, and Chocolate Maple from the Stocking Nano Finish program will be discontinued shortly. In their place BSL is introducing an updated Horizon Grade Maple.

NRF has committed to stocking the same 3 1/4" maple colors in the new Horizon Grade as was being stocked in the 3 1/4" Character Maple program. Customers should expect to receive through the mail an envelope with some new labels for what are now Character Maple samples. Sample should be re-labeled as soon as possible to avoid a stock out situation.

The Character Grade Maple and New Horizon Maple will be a fairly comparable, so the label change should work well. Expect the new Horizon Maple to be slightly longer in length on average than the Character Maple. This new Horizon product will also have more natural hardwood features than the original Character Maple.

Grade Description for the new Horizon Maple is below...

Expect to see some new labels for your Character Maple boards soon. If you don't get them by mail, please reach out to your NRF Hardwood Territory Manager for the updated labels.

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