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Vapor Retarders for Wood Subfloors

NWFA Installation Guidelines require a vapor retarder for hardwood installations over wood subfloors. Rosen paper is not an acceptable vapor retarder over wood subfloors but NRF carries some great options that are manufacturer approved!

Silicone Vapor Shield from All Globe

  • Protects flooring from sub-floor moisture

  • Meets NWFA guidelines and significantly reduces cupping risk.

  • Tar and Petroleum based wax free, 100% recycled material

  • 400 sq ft rolls

Aquabar "B" (Installer's First Choice)

  • Reduces moisture migration / Class II Vapor Retarder Membrane

  • NWFA accepted over wood subfloors.

  • Cleaner and easier to work with than roofing felt

  • 501 sq ft rolls - Made in the USA


  • Class III vapor retarder

  • Reduces vapor flow without trapping moisture

  • Little to no asphalt rub-off, cleaner than roofing felt

  • 432 sq ft rolls - Made in the USA

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