Updated pricing and Product Intros from Hallmark.

Hallmark has made changes to their pricing for 2020. NRF received these changes, and is sending them to you through email and mail.

In the mail you should soon receive a new price sheet form NRF, but you'll also be receiving an update form summarizing Hallmark's updates for 2020. Beyond just the introduction of Shoreline LVT, Hallmark is introducing a slew of new hardwood options. Please check your email and snail-mail for the new pricing and product update sheet.

Hallmark is updating Novella, Introducing Regatta Waterproof Hardwood, and introducing a new 7/16" product called Grain & Saw. The Product Launch sheet will provide more details on the three products. Expect to see all three added to the Hallmark offering in 2020. Click here for the product launch sheet.

For the Spotlight dealers out there, these additions to the lineup will certainly round out the offering nicely.

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