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Hallmark innovates with RIGID glue down luxury vinyl.

Hallmark’s glue-down LVT offering currently includes three collections; Times Square, 3Twenty, and 2Twelve. While Times Square will continue to be a more traditional glue-down application for vinyl, 2Twelve and 3Twenty have been converted to a rigid core glue-down program.

A rigid core, glue-down LVT should cut down significantly on the need for subfloor prep during installation that would normally be required to mitigate telegraphing that may occur post-installation.

There is currently a new display under construction for 2Twelve and 3 Twenty. Expect to see that display late in 2020. There are architect binders available from NRF in the interim.

Hallmark’s vinyl program now includes 20mil and 12mil programs in glue down and

click that coordinate well with many popular Hallmark Hardwood products. Reach out to your NRF Hardwood Territory Manager for more details on this exciting and innovative lineup.

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